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10 Self-Care Items I LOVE Right Now

Love is the air this week, so I figured now would be a great time to tell you about some self-love products I am currently LOVING! Maybe you can even treat yourself to some of these goodies for Valentine's Day (or just forward this on to your valentine with a *hint*hint*) I mean, you really do deserve it.

1. Energize Pre-Workout: I never used to really drink pre-workout before I tried this product and I was honestly hooked after the first time I used it. I prefer it over other products because it has a low-dose of natural caffeine from green tea and coffee bean extract which helps to enhance performance, improve reaction time and focus, and reduce exercise-induced muscle fatigue, without making me crazy jittery or unable to sleep at night. And it tastes SO GOOD and it comes in mini single serve packets which I really love!

Buy it here

2. Wireless Headphones: Okay, these headphones are nothing fancy, they have hardly any extra functions, and they are super cheap, but they never let me down. I've had mine for about a year now I think and they are so trusty! They stay in my ears and they aren't bulky. And I can wear them literally all week during my workouts (about an hour each day) and only need to charge them one night per week.

Buy them here

3. Athia Skin Care Line: I am obsessing over this skin care line right now, and I really love that it's formulated by active women and made especially for women living active lifestyles! Because if you workout 5 or 6 days per week like I do, your skin takes a beating, from make-up, sweat, and multiple showers.

(*use code: SARATHOMAS to save 15% on any order*)

Shop here

4. Mini Cadbury Creme Eggs: I LOVE these! And you can only get them this time of year so don't wait! My favorite thing about these little treats are that one is sweet enough to take care of my sweet tooth and it's only 40 calories (1.5g fat, 6g carbs, and >1g protein) I'll share the link of what they are but you can only buy them in stores like Target and Walmart I think.

Check them out

5. Dr. Teal's Milk & Honey Lotion: Honestly, just loving everything about this lotion right now, the smell, the consistency, the hydration, all of it. I can't get enough.

Buy it here

6. Greenberry Superfoods Powder: I am obsessed with this flavor right now and everything this meal replacement has to offer. It tastes sweet and tangy, kind of like a tropical strawberry flavor, and it fills me up so much it holds me over for hours. Besides that, this drink has EVERYTHING, I'm talking high-protein, high-fiber, probiotics, prebiotics, and other digestive enzymes, antioxidants, phytonutrients, and superfoods, vitmains, minerals, and adaptogenic herbs and botanicals. And you get ALL of that in ONE drink for less than the cost of a daily Starbucks. There's nothing like it around, trust me, I've searched.

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7. Taylor Digital Food Scale: I just recently purchased this scale and I am loving it more than the other scales I've used in the past. It's small and lightweight, so it's easy to travel with, it's sleek and shiny, and it's inexpensive.

Buy it here

8. Lemon Lavender Tea: This hot tea has been a favorite of mine for a long time and it's not going anywhere. It's light and fresh and has a unique twist compared to regular lemon teas. I love to have it first thing in the morning to start my day or even at night with a little stevia to curb a late night sweet tooth.

Get some here

9. 20 Minute HIIT Workouts: This new program dropped a few weeks ago and the workouts are intense and the results people are seeing are AMAZING. I really love these workouts because they are perfect for a short and sweet butt kicking while I'm at home or in a hotel room and require little commitment (since it's only 20 minutes I don't have to talk myself into it for too long haha) It's 6 weeks of unique daily workouts that will scorch calories and target your core, legs, glutes and upper body with no breaks and no weights required. If you choose to follow the program for the full 6 weeks it is broken into 3 chapters, Commit, Climb, Conquer, each for 2 weeks and the results are REAL. The workouts are no joke.

Get the details here

10. Nike Free Flyknit Shoes: These shoes are giving me life right now. They are light weight, comfortable, functional, and cute. I wear them while I lift, run, plyo, whatever. My favorite thing about them is how small and light they are so they stuff into a gym bag easily and don't weigh down your travel bag. They are pricey, but I am definitely getting my money's worth on these bad boys.

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