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I drank celery juice everyday for a week...here's what happened

I stumbled across Anthony William's instagram page recently, also known as the Medical Medium, and I was instantly intrigued by his knowledge and passion for holistic healing through life-changing foods. I spent a whole evening in bed scrolling through his posts and highlights soaking in all of his fascinating posts on specific fruits, vegetables, and herbs and how they literally heal our bodies from the inside out.

Anyway, he hardcore preaches celery juice as a miracle juice, going on and on about how celery juice is the savior when it comes to chronic illness. He goes deep into details on how celery juice is one of the most powerful anti-inflammatory foods, as it starves unproductive bacteria, yeast, mold, fungus, and viruses that are present in the body and flushes their toxins and debris out of the intestinal tract and liver. Literally, he believes that celery juice can tackle almost any chronic illness from eczema, infertility, lyme disease, acne, adrenal fatigue, OCD, infections, injuries, chronic fatigue syndrome, and so many more. If you are interested in all of the scientific details and facts, I highly recommend checking out his social media platforms and reading some of what he shares!

So, after reading all of this, I thought to myself, uhmmm I want to give this a try, because why the heck not?? (side note, celery is super cheap and the recipe is literally just celery, so I knew it was going to affordable and realistic longterm.)

Here's what you do:

First thing in the morning, on an empty stomach, you chug down the drank, and that's it.

Here's how you make it:

One whole bunch of celery - cut off the thick end, rinse well, and cut up:

Throw it all into a highspeed blender, I use a Vitamix, and it's amazing:

Don't add anything to it, sometimes I need to add about 2 ounces of water to get the blender moving, but that's it!

Strain juice from pulp through a mesh strainer:

Chug it down!

Alright alright, so WHAT did I notice after 7 days??

Prior to starting this I was about 6 or 7 weeks post bikini competition that followed a 15 week intense/strict prep. With that being said, the past 6 or so weeks were slightly tough on my body as I was implementing a little sugar, a little greasy food, a little alcohol, and basically putting my body through a shock as it wasn't used to digesting any of those things for over 4 months. So, as expected, I was battling a pretty bad breakout on my forehead, temples, chin, and even my upper back. I had intense sugar cravings all day long and crashed pretty hard mid afternoon into the night. It also should be noted that I had none of these symptoms while I was prepping besides low energy due to being in a caloric deficit for so long. Basically, all of this was a friendly reminder of why I don't enjoy putting that junk into my body very often and I knew I needed to clean things up a bit.

So I began the 7 days of celery juice, and to be honest, I had low expectations. It's celery, big deal, I thought. The first thing I noticed was that after I drank the juice and began my normal routine, I didn't need a coffee! I always take a coffee with me to the gym every morning around 9am, and literally on day 1, I didn't feel like I needed it. From there, I found that I wasn't hungry at all until close to 11:30am or noon, so I didn't feel the need to eat until then. I did make a coffee around noon every day though, because that's when my toddler naps and I just enjoy sitting down to a cup of coffee in silence, and I'll probably never give that up. As the day went on, I found myself reaching for high protein, clean foods and my sugar craving was almost eliminated on day 1. I was extra thirsty, I drank over a gallon of water with ease. My energy was high, I was able to stay up late working and slept hard when I did decide to call it a night. All of these side effects continued on as the week progressed. The most exciting part to me, however, was the benefit to my skin, my face and upper back cleared up in about 3 days and, I'm not exaggerating, that by day 6 I felt like my skin was actually glowing, and I felt like I had regained my confidence that I had during prep!

So here's the big takeaways:

Increased energy

Suppressed appetite

Minimized sugar cravings

Increased water intake

Improved sleep quality

Cleared up skin

Increased confidence

I highly recommend trying the celery juice for 7 days to almost anyone! And I can tell you with confidence, that anytime that I am at home, and not traveling, I will make sure to start my day this way every day that I can! If you have questions please do not hesitate to reach out and please refer to Anthony William's literature on it, as he is THE Medical Medium!


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