Have you ever wondered it’s like to eat & train like a bikini competitor?
Have you considered the challenge of taking on a competition prep?
Are you a gym rat that’s looking for a new push?
Do you want to see how far you can push your limits mentally & physically?
Do you want to build the confidence of a competitor?
Do you want to shine??


But maybe you ....

Don’t want to actually get on stage?
Have no interest in being compared to other physiques?
Don’t care about the glam day?
Don’t want to spend $3000+ on the whole shabang just quite yet?


Then this is for YOU, babe!

The 8 Week Non-Stage Bikini Competitor Prep

8 Weeks of Workouts
Custom Macros
Weekly Check Ins
Optional Posing Session
Full Competition Prep Cut
Direct Access to Me the Whole Time


You'll Need:

Gym Membership


Food Scale

CLA Supplement

Protein Powder




Cut Like a Competitor - 8 Week Custom Program